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Get Screened

Tell us a little about your self.

We will use this information to personalize your formula just for you.

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You pick your Formula 

Our U-PIC™ technology offers you the freedom to pick your personalized formula.

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Receive Your personalized Formula

Receive your personalized formula delivered to your door.



Powered by a Health Screener based on Bryce Wylde’s 20 years clinical experience. The screener identifies what aspect of your immune system is weak and addressed it with specific immune ingredients

Personalized / 

Custom Immune formula


sometimes, you want
in/out, easy…
you pick!


Consolidation of all that you take into ONE formula; delivery to your door 

Best in class

with STEP2™

Clean label –

no allergens or added fillers / preservatives

(evidenced by no long expiration dates and only active ingredients)

Cost savings 

(when you compare to taking each item in individual formulas)


health system

Mymmunity is a potent immune booster with a proven base formula and additional ingredients personalized just for you.


immune formula

A personalized immune formula with highest quality ingredients and offers full control to the customer to add any additional ingredients outside of the recommendations.

our STEP2™ 

commitment to best in class ingredients

Safety & Sustainability

Safety is our top priority. All our products are naturally sourced and certified GRAS – therefore very safe for human consumption at the daily dosages recommended. Saving the planet sits very high on our agenda and we believe it should sit high on yours too. 

Transparency & Traceability

Our ingredients are all traceable to the source and qualify as NSF/Informed Choice certified safe for sport, non-GMO, gluten free, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, preservative free, and certified organic whenever possible.

Evidence & Efficacy

Every ingredient we offer is evidence based and has been proven in the scientific literature to confer health benefit. Check out our incredible list of scientific evidence.

Purity & Potency

All our ingredients are the best in class. They are pure, most natural, bio-available nutrients on the planet. We despise pixie dusting. All of the ingredients in your formula will be dosed at therapeutic strength (unless of course you desire to dose your personal formula otherwise, you pick!).


bryce wylde

For more than 20 years Bryce Wylde has a clinical focus in Functional Medicine and personalized supplements. His clinical research has brought him around the world and the natural ingredients he has reviewed has allowed him to help improve the immune health of millions of North Americans. 

why do i need to


Think you’re safe just taking a “multi” or a standard “immune booster”? Wrong. Most people never even look at the ingredient list on their daily multivitamin or health food store “immunity” product. Most simply buy what’s on sale and assume that it’s good enough. This means you could be buying vitamins that are low-quality synthetic vitamins and immune ‘boosting’ herbs that aren’t well studied or even products that are made using the wrong part of the plant.


immunity support

There is a better option when it comes to supplementing your immunity.

By taking a simple screener test and choosing a personalized ingredient compound you can ensure that the immune strengthening ingredients you take every day are giving you the personalized defense against viruses and bacterial infection you need to stay healthy.

Many people are also amazed at the difference in their energy level after just a few weeks on mymmunity® personalized immunity support.

Feature ingredient 



Your immune formula

help manage your system


Sick Days


Speed days for common cold 

& flus


healthy systems


healthy systems

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