What Colors are in Your Formula?


Three major classes of plant nutrients (phytochemicals) exist in the colour spectrum: carotenoids (yellow to red), chlorophylls (green), and anthocyanins (blue, purple, and red). Some vitamins have no colour (white), or are a range of brown (many herbs and mushrooms)

Black cumin seed

From the fluorescent orange hue of B-Complex to the deep purple-black of Black cumin seed, from the light tan of Cordyceps to the turmeric-yellow of Curcumin, from the fresh herb green of Echinacea to rusty purple of Elderberry, and the crimson red of Vit-E to pure white of Vit-D… all of our ingredients feature different colour profiles often representing the health conferring benefit of the active ingredients found within them


Any or all of of these powerhouse immune supporting ingredients could end up in your formula depending on your personal needs. 

What colours are in your mymmunity? Find out by taking our immune health questionnaire