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What Colors are in Your Formula?

Echinacea Three major classes of plant nutrients (phytochemicals) exist in the colour spectrum: carotenoids (yellow to red), chlorophylls (green), and anthocyanins (blue, purple, and red). Some vitamins have no colour (white), or are a range of brown (many herbs and mushrooms) Read More Black cumin seed From the fluorescent orange hue of B-Complex to the deep purple-black of Black cumin seed, from the light tan of Cordyceps to the turmeric-yellow of Curcumin, from the fresh herb green of Echinacea to rusty purple of Elderberry, and the crimson red of Vit-E to pure white of Vit-D… all of our ingredients feature different colour profiles often representing the health conferring benefit of the active ingredients found within them. Read More Tocotrienols Any...

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