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Take the Mymmunity immune health questionnaire. 

Tell us a little about yourself. We want to know how you typically experience colds and flu, stress, digestion, and other immune system related issues. We use this information to personalize your formula just for you. Of course confidentiality is our top priority


Mymmunity offers you the freedom to modify your formula.

The answers you provide will determine the ingredients that go into your personalized formula. Our U-PIC™ system also gives you the freedom to decide what stays, what goes, or anything more you may want to add.


Your personalized immune supplement goes into production.

Selected intelligent immune ingredients are compounded into a single encapsulated formula and delivered right to your door within days.

Mymmunity isn't your typical personalized supplement company. We won't send you an overwhelming number of pre-manufactured pills of various shapes, colors, and sizes, all shoved into a pack.

What you will get is one personalized formula, easy to swallow capsules, formulated just for you.

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